Give The Woman Some Power,’ Says Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe says that when a man feels rejected he retaliates with aggression. Consequently, the above causes more abusive relationships. To reduce the aggression in relationships, Bumble App, which was founded by Whitney Wolfe gives the women power over men as they make the first move.

Other than that, Whitney says that whenever the woman makes the first move, the man knows that the power is not in his hands but in the woman’s; consequently, he behaves more carefully and avoids any chances of harming her.

What Prompted The Formation Of Bumble?
Whitney was a co-founder in Tinder alongside her ex-boyfriend Justine Mateen and the other male co-founders. However, her relationship with Justin went sour; he became abusive to her calling her a whore in public and humiliating her badly. Moreover, Justin and the other partners asked Whitney out of Tinder, saying that her presence as a woman made the organization look like a joke. To make it worse, the partners paid her no compensation for her contribution to the company. Whitney Wolfe, who was deeply hurt by the betrayal, decided to seek justice in court. She was awarded a ransom in damages and that was when she decided to fight for women. She decided to start an App that would help women be the givers and not the takers.

Bumble BFF
Bumble BFF, unlike Bumble, is exclusively for women. Whitney realized that the modern day woman takes a relatively long time before settling in marriage. During this period of waiting, the woman undergoes so many nasty experiences, which would be made easier if she had close and trusted friends to her expenses with. Consequently, Bumble BFF allows a woman to specify the kind of friends she desires to have and she chooses from the portfolio provided to her. Moreover, the app helps women who move into new locations as they use the app to make new friends.

Bumble App Values
Honesty, respect, kindness, and no nudity are the core values that are employed at Bumble. One is expected to be kind to their partners and to be honest in all their dealings. Rudeness and nudity are also prohibited and one is barred from the site on failing to adhere.

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David McDonald’s Success At OSI Group

The OSI Group, a global leader in supplying value-added protein products, is keen at giving consumers more regarding production capacity and product development. To ensure their goods are high quality, OSI Group engages manufacturer to install technology that will help them monitor production. An example is the inbuilt X-ray machine that checks for foreign materials. With the agricultural produce, the company actively monitor how plants are grown.

The global company
OSI Group is well represented globally with operations in over seventeen countries. Despite being a global firm, OSI has a local management team in each country which understands what the residents want and like. This means that products may vary from country to country. With over sixty-five facilities, OSI Group produces many co-packs brand name items and private label brand foods for its customers around the world. David McDonald OSI Group attributed their growth to the chairman Sheldon Lavin, whom he says push them to grow, become more significant and offer more to clients. Even when consumers taste and preferences change, OSI is always ready to satisfy their needs.

OSI China market
David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, says China market has the highest number of consumers because of the power of the population. The customers they supply to, the likes of McDonald’s, Papa John’s and Yum, just to name a few are also experiencing growth which means they need more goods from OSI. As demand grows, the company opens new processing and production facilities to cater for the growing demand.

About David McDonald
The president, David McDonald is quite engaged in OSI. Apart from being the president for thirty years, he is also the Project Manager of OSI Industries, the OSI Group’s US plant. Mr. McDonald is also on the board of directors of the company and Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia.

Other roles outside the firm include being an Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. and a Chairman of North American Meat Institute. David McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from the Iowa State University. Mr. McDonald is a great influence on the organization and he is always looking for partners and growth opportunities for the OSI Group.

Mike Baur’s Successful Transition From Banking To Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur began his career in the banking industry by working as a wealth manager at UBS Wealth Management since 2000 after his college graduation. Additionally, he worked in Sallfort Private Bank and Clariden Leu. In 2008, Mike began gaining an interest in entrepreneurship and resolved to quit his job. He started Bainso in Pfäffikon, Switzerland to help start up businesses expand their network and find investment capitalists. With a background in finance, Mike structured efficient trade and marketing solutions that helped his clients stay ahead of the curve in their niche by putting out disruptive products and services.


In January of 2015, Mike started Swiss Startup Factory and headquartered its office in Zurich. The firm offers 3-months long accelerator programs that help launch new businesses into their field successfully. Mike provides the clients with mentorship, office space, networking platforms, accounting services, human staffing and payroll solutions. After the completion of the first accelerator program, Mike provides additional services to ensure that the client has a firm grip on the essentials needed to succeed in the business. Mike started Founder Stories as part of Swiss Startup Factory to feature regular interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs who share their journey’s lessons and motivational tips. In his interview with Founder Stories, Mike reveals that creating a unique business idea is the foundation for success. He explains that it is easier to acquire capital by impressing investors with new products that are not in the mainstream market.


Mike considers Swiss Startup an incubator company since it specializes in helping firms copy successful prototypes, accelerate their business and eventually design a unique business strategy. Mike revealed that the enterprise’s investors and partners have a strong dedication to see the customers succeed. They have no political affiliation and invested a substantial amount of their resources towards the venture. Baur stated that Swiss Startup helps the Switzerland entrepreneurs take their ideas from the ground and maintain them as long term revenue generating endeavors. Mike believes that Switzerland people are excellent in creation but need support to execute the innovations. According to him, it is possible to instill useful skills in business people, but it’s hard to inspire creation. This year’s first accelerator program began in January and featured three to five teams. After the completion of the program, the teams submitted their portfolios to Worldwebforum Coolest Startup to gain opportunities for expanding their business to a bigger local market and an international fair.


The Ideas Of Samuel Strauch On Business

Samuel Strauch is highly educated. He has studied in New York and earned a degree from the Harvard University.

He started his career in banking, but eventually, he joined the family business of real estate in Florida. He started his own company in 2002. This company, Metrik Real Estate, is doing well as it continues to grow even today.

Samuel Strauch came to Miami and was impressed by what he saw there. The place was turning into a huge metropolis by the sea. He was impressed to see the way this vacation city was being transformed. This was when he realized what he had to do. He knew that this was the perfect opportunity for him to start his business as he could easily get international clients as well as investors together.

Samuel Strauch considers business differently. He considers it to be fun as he can come across a number of interesting people and can make relationships which can last a lifetime. He likes meeting new people as this gives him the opportunity to get new ideas. He comes across new properties, and he gets new business opportunities.

He is always open to new ideas. This is his idea of being creative. He likes to analyze each and every idea that comes to him. Samuel Strauch likes to test the viability of each idea. In case he feels that the idea has potential, he decides to put all resources behind it in order to achieve it and make it a reality. For Samuel Strauch, implementation is the key. Even the best idea is useless unless it is acted upon and made a reality.

Samuel Strauch believes in the power of meditation. He feels that everyone should make it a part of their life in order to do better in their personal and professional life.