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Jeremy Goldstein has created a name for himself in the corporate governance realm of New York City. He has worked tirelessly to help companies come up with compensation packages, incentive programs, and new governance structures that increase value for the employees, executives, and shareholders of major corporations. Now, he has started a new battle on the subject of performance-based incentives.


Many companies have used performance-based incentive programs for years. These programs give employees bonuses based solely on how the company performs for the year. Recently, these programs have been questioned as being too prone to management override, as well as not being forward-looking enough.


Executives have a lot of power in the decision making of any company. While it is true that major decisions must go through a Board of Directors, it is also true that many of the day-to-day decisions that executive committees make de4termine the ultimate results of the company. There is a tendency for executives to way to change the way things are run to increase their bonuses, even if those decisions hurt the company in the long-term. On the same side of the coin, incentives paid solely on performance metrics actually have the ability to hurt companies. Employees will be focused on the short-term instead of long-term stability and success of the company.


Jeremy Goldstein and his firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, have mediated these disputes and come up with a plan that helps everyone. Goldstein suggested that executives should be held more accountable for their decisions, and committees should be created to monitor their behavior. Also, companies should add new pieces to the incentive calculations that focused more on the longevity of the company and not just its short-term success or failures. After all, companies build shareholder value by making money over the long-term, not just income from quarter-to-quarter.


Jeremy Goldstein has settled several cases just like this one. He has worked for years in compensation and corporate law, and he has been asked to advise and settle on several Fortune 500 company’s packages. He has even been named the Chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee for the American Bar Association. He has been extremely successful in all of his endeavors.


Goldstein earned his degree from the New York University School of Business, and he formerly worked at another law firm in New York. His experience and ability to work with large committees has shown, and he will continue to make sure that corporations and their employees and shareholders all get an equal say in incentive compensation.


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