The Academy of Art University, Amazing School!

The Academy of Art University is a great choice for school if you are looking to start a career in fashion. The Huffington Post has named the Academy of Art University the future of fashion. Students from the university recently impressed many people at the most recent New York Fashion Week. If you aren’t familiar with New York Fashion Week, it it the place to be! The top fashion designers come out to showcase all of the most recent fashion designs of the year. People go out to watch the fashion show so that they can have a chance to catch up on all of the new fashion trends.


Students from the Academy of Art University showed how diverse their sense of fashion could be. The show showcased students and fashion trends ranging from Chicago, California, China, Hawaii, and so many more different places! The brought so much fresh air to the fashion show. Their fashion taste was very vibrant and unique. Many people have speculated that the Academy of Art University will have many amazing famous designers coming soon.


If you aren’t familiar with the Academy of Art University, you may want to learn a little more about them. The school originally opened in by Richards Stephens in the year of 1929. The school has both full and part time students that attend each semester. The Academy of Art University is a private university. The university has said that they are one of the largest in their league.


The school’s leadership eventually changed. The daughter of Richard, Elisa, took over the school. Elisa has grown the school’s student mass significantly. The university offers associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. They also have over 4 different accreditations.


They have been attending New York Fashion Week every other year since 2005. The school is very proud for their students to have been named the future of fashion. The Academy of Art University will keep working hard to continue to be one of the best in their league.


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