Sussex Healthcare Cares For Individual People One At A Time

Sussex Healthcare is a dynamic group of companies and organizations centered around care homes and needs services that has cared for over 30,000 people over the last 30 plus years offering specialized services for their residents ranging from dementia care, neurological care, senior citizen care, physical disabilities and people of all ages with learning disabilities as well as multiple learning disabilities. Providing the highest standard of care over the years and support for the people they care for which each facility staff member views as a privilege.

Of the many facilities providing care to people with many different needs, their latest state of the art facility in Broadbridge Heath of West Sussex provides care for those with brain injuries and neurological conditions. The facility will also be caring, assisting and working with autistic people and younger people with learning and physical disabilities coming out of college or school.

This location will provide holistic therapy, a specialist gym, a kitchen and dining area, tv room and is staffed around the clock with quality people that have met their strict qualification standards.

For older people care, Sussex Healthcare realizes what a critical and emotional time it can be for the resident and their families when relocation to one of their facilities is necessary. Taking this into consideration, the staff and teams of each facility are dedicated and strive to assure a comfortable transition and lifestyle when a new resident arrives. Making sure they feel safe in their new environment as well as giving them physical and emotional support and enhancing their social experience as well.

Providing plenty of stimulating and busy activities like cookery, music, games, quizzes, handcrafting, art and more. For mealtime the facilities are staffed with well trained professional Chef’s that prepare delicious, nutritious well presented dishes that are elegantly served.

The facilities specializing in caring for and treating dementia realize that these residents need to continue to live an active quality life. So the staff aims to provide a person centered care approach. Each facility maintains a constant dementia care training program for their staff. When necessary they provide 24 hour nursing care as well as an ongoing memory stimulation and reminiscence sessions to keep the residents memory exercising and working.

For those with learning disabilities, Sussex Healthcare provides a personalized needs assessment and will put together a specific program and treatment for each individual. This personal attention and effort toward each individual’s needs is what separates Sussex Healthcare from other service providers and puts them above and beyond in the field.

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