Inmates Services and Products-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an organization with our Head Offices based in Dallas, Texas. We consider our company among the pioneers of agencies which have been delivering services as well as products to the correctional facilities and other security bodies. Securus Technologies was established in 1986, and since our inception, we have been enjoying a tremendous expansion as well as growth. We have other operational offices among them Atlanta Georgia, Allen, Texas, as well as Carrolton, Texas. At Securus Technology we believe in connecting people and technology, and we are an equal opportunity employer organization. We have hired about 1000 people, and we are serving over 3450 correctional facilities and 1200000 inmates across Northern America.

According to a statement by our Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith; Securus have been developing new services and products each week to deliver the best services to our clients. With our reliable services and products, we have also been receiving some letters and emails from our happy customers. Below are a few samples of the messages and emails w have been receiving.

  • One of our satisfied clients said our LBS service is reasoned enough for them to rely on our services and products entirely.
  • Our telephone services have been helping the prisons and other correctional institutions to monitor calls that will give them clues on the use and the sale of drugs in their facilities.
  • Another thrilled client thanked us for our services which assisted them to carry out an investigation that ended with the arrest of one of their staff who was involved in the sale of counterfeit products.
  • Listening to a telephone conversation between an inmate and their siblings, our customer was happy that they got information to use as evidence in court.

Securus Technologies is a leader in the offering public and civil, criminal technology solution for monitoring, investigations, as well as corrections. We are take pride in connecting family, friends and their loved ones in the correctional facilities through our services and products as we promote safety in the world.