Recycling at Orange Coast College

The planet won a victory recently when orange coast college launched its new recycling facility. The new facility is a huge upgrade from its previous form which was only one acre; compared to the new facility’s five acres. Acreage is not the only way the plant has been upgraded. The new build boast classrooms and offices along with showers and 45 parking spaces. The reinvestment into the recycling facility comes at the encouragement of the local community, which gets great use out of it. Approximately $7.5 million was put into the reconstruction. This hefty price tag was funded by many sources, some of which were a voter-approved coast community college district bond, and CR&R environmental services. The support of this facility is justified by the economic benefits it adds to the area and the widespread utility residence from people in the region. The facility accepts traditional recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, and scrap metal. They also accept more difficult to dispose of recyclables such as electronic waste, in the form of TVs and computers. This program helps keep ecologically devastating things such as fluorescent light tubes and household batteries out of landfills. The facility is not, however, capable of accepting things such as furniture, car batteries, oil, or toxic waste. Not only is the facility a major protector of the environment it also provides jobs to many college students. The program responsible for the new facility has been going for more than 45 years, and with the social and economic value it provides to the community, it will likely be around for a long time; growing into its new state of the art facility.

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