Is Crown Molding the Right Choice for Your Home?

We all know that crown moldings add value to a place and create a visual presence to uplift the appearance. Your home will suddenly look all elegant and upscale if you can use this architectural feature the right way.  


Have you been thinking of giving the moldings a shot? Well, if you are not sure whether you will find the right trim or the ceiling has the right height for the installation, follow this guide. It will give you an insight into whether the moldings will be the right choice for you home and how to make them work out in a particular setting.


Cut the width if the ceiling is lower.


Moldings with a sleek and simple profile are the right choice for a room that is either smaller in scale or has a low ceiling. After all, it’s common sense that a 6-inch wide molding will look cluttery in a place with an 8-foot tall ceiling. So, use slim panels for such places and keep the furnishings streamlined with straight lines and little detailing. Such a minimal decoration will yield two-fold rewards – allowing the architecture to stand out and giving the place a peaceful feeling.


Consider the ceiling height.


If you love ornamental crown moldings, check the height of the ceiling and the size of the room before spending money on the purchase. The large scale of a place combined with a high roof is the best for wider trims. Besides, a gorgeous fixture may overwhelm the atmosphere if there are more molded fixtures such as baseboards or chair rails. However, if you live in a traditional style home and don’t mind a bit of extravaganza, wide trims will definitely work in that setting.


Make your contemporary home smile.


If you can sacrifice the extravaganza a bit, you can still make the crown moldings relevant to the mood of a modern setting. Choose furniture pieces with clean lines and no curves and paint the entire room with a soft or neutral color palette to create a sense of serenity. Then, install molding panels that have a plain profile with no decoration or pattern. Although you can create interest by combining various hues and textures. For example, the fusion of lovely crisp white crown moldings with dark, rich wooden floor will make a place appealing as well as relaxing.


Don’t mix a classic style with a minimal setting.


If you have a house with an interior featuring an ultra-modern, mid-century modern, or California ranch style, crown molding of any kind, except for the ones customized with a minimal design, may look completely out of place. So, if the trims are traditional, keep the furnishings and other accessories adopt the approach.


You can combine the classic moldings with decorative wall panels followed by a crystal chandelier, ceiling medallion, ornate mirror frames, and more. Anything smaller or sleek would be too wimpy for such a room.


Don’t use the same moldings everywhere.



People get confused whether to install moldings of similar profile throughout the house. In fact, the answer can both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ You can keep the design same if the ceiling in all the rooms of your home has the similar height. Using the same moldings will create a smooth flow and establish a visual coherence.


On the flip side, it’s necessary to change the width and sometimes textures if the ceilings don’t maintain the same height through the entire house. Keeping variations in sizes of the moldings will help to maintain the correct proportion with the scale of a specific room.


Hope that you’ve got ideas about what types of crown moldings to use in your home. You don’t need to worry no matter what type of interiors you are stuck with. If you can choose the right design and width, the moldings will complement any kind of looks and settings.