Recycling at Orange Coast College

The planet won a victory recently when orange coast college launched its new recycling facility. The new facility is a huge upgrade from its previous form which was only one acre; compared to the new facility’s five acres. Acreage is not the only way the plant has been upgraded. The new build boast classrooms and offices along with showers and 45 parking spaces. The reinvestment into the recycling facility comes at the encouragement of the local community, which gets great use out of it. Approximately $7.5 million was put into the reconstruction. This hefty price tag was funded by many sources, some of which were a voter-approved coast community college district bond, and CR&R environmental services. The support of this facility is justified by the economic benefits it adds to the area and the widespread utility residence from people in the region. The facility accepts traditional recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, and scrap metal. They also accept more difficult to dispose of recyclables such as electronic waste, in the form of TVs and computers. This program helps keep ecologically devastating things such as fluorescent light tubes and household batteries out of landfills. The facility is not, however, capable of accepting things such as furniture, car batteries, oil, or toxic waste. Not only is the facility a major protector of the environment it also provides jobs to many college students. The program responsible for the new facility has been going for more than 45 years, and with the social and economic value it provides to the community, it will likely be around for a long time; growing into its new state of the art facility.

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How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur; Lessons From Doe Deere

Do you want to start a business? Have you considered joining the entrepreneurship bandwagon? Well, this article will surely give you an insight on what you need to do to become a successful businessperson.


Know Your Passion

Maybe you have that overwhelming urge to attain your goals regardless of what they are? Perhaps you are excited about some concepts that you cannot hide the joy when speaking about them. Well, it is high time you realized what it is that you enjoy. Then turn your passion into a career, and work will just become play. With this, you will derive so much joy when working on your interests.



Use and Expand Your Skills

Every person has a set of competencies that are intrinsic and inborn. Some of these skills have been acquired over some years. Start by exploiting these skills before learning new skills. You will, therefore, be able to absorb a new skill with ease as you already have a foundation. According to the expert, Doe Deere, whatever activity and expertise you will engage in will require growth; you must, therefore, be prepared to brace and accept change. Learn more:



Face Problems Head On

There will always be challenges on your way irrespective of the career that you choose. It is particularly the case during the initials stages, where you make numerous mistakes and with no known possible solution. Most people give up at this juncture, do not be one of them. Doe Deere advice young entrepreneurs to solve different challenges as they arise. Carefully analyze the problem at hand, note down the pros and cons as well as the possible cause of action. By doing so, you will be able to evaluate the different solutions and pick the best.



Be Open to Learn

There are various successful businessmen and women before you. Probably they have faced the same challenges as you; chances are they were able to maneuver and emerge victoriously. Their advice will, therefore, be genuine and practical. You can also learn so much from your employees and your clients. Develop a habit of listening to every concern and suggestions that your workers make; it will raise their morale and increase your profitability. Learn more:



Doe Deere is the owner and CEO of the Lime Crime organization. The mission of this business is to bring change in the world and market of various makeups. Currently, Life Crime products have become the most favorite products in both the digital and social media space. The products have set the trend and a record that has taken the marketing industry by storm. The design of these products is to conceal the various imperfections as well as a form of self-expression and freedom to the client.



As a person who started from a small level and achieved so much success, Doe Deere is a source of motivation to the various women and youth out there. In her public lecture’s Doe calls for the need to find your inner voice and then follow your ambitions. As an entrepreneur, she loves and enjoys bringing other people into the art.



Is Crown Molding the Right Choice for Your Home?

We all know that crown moldings add value to a place and create a visual presence to uplift the appearance. Your home will suddenly look all elegant and upscale if you can use this architectural feature the right way.  


Have you been thinking of giving the moldings a shot? Well, if you are not sure whether you will find the right trim or the ceiling has the right height for the installation, follow this guide. It will give you an insight into whether the moldings will be the right choice for you home and how to make them work out in a particular setting.


Cut the width if the ceiling is lower.


Moldings with a sleek and simple profile are the right choice for a room that is either smaller in scale or has a low ceiling. After all, it’s common sense that a 6-inch wide molding will look cluttery in a place with an 8-foot tall ceiling. So, use slim panels for such places and keep the furnishings streamlined with straight lines and little detailing. Such a minimal decoration will yield two-fold rewards – allowing the architecture to stand out and giving the place a peaceful feeling.


Consider the ceiling height.


If you love ornamental crown moldings, check the height of the ceiling and the size of the room before spending money on the purchase. The large scale of a place combined with a high roof is the best for wider trims. Besides, a gorgeous fixture may overwhelm the atmosphere if there are more molded fixtures such as baseboards or chair rails. However, if you live in a traditional style home and don’t mind a bit of extravaganza, wide trims will definitely work in that setting.


Make your contemporary home smile.


If you can sacrifice the extravaganza a bit, you can still make the crown moldings relevant to the mood of a modern setting. Choose furniture pieces with clean lines and no curves and paint the entire room with a soft or neutral color palette to create a sense of serenity. Then, install molding panels that have a plain profile with no decoration or pattern. Although you can create interest by combining various hues and textures. For example, the fusion of lovely crisp white crown moldings with dark, rich wooden floor will make a place appealing as well as relaxing.


Don’t mix a classic style with a minimal setting.


If you have a house with an interior featuring an ultra-modern, mid-century modern, or California ranch style, crown molding of any kind, except for the ones customized with a minimal design, may look completely out of place. So, if the trims are traditional, keep the furnishings and other accessories adopt the approach.


You can combine the classic moldings with decorative wall panels followed by a crystal chandelier, ceiling medallion, ornate mirror frames, and more. Anything smaller or sleek would be too wimpy for such a room.


Don’t use the same moldings everywhere.



People get confused whether to install moldings of similar profile throughout the house. In fact, the answer can both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ You can keep the design same if the ceiling in all the rooms of your home has the similar height. Using the same moldings will create a smooth flow and establish a visual coherence.


On the flip side, it’s necessary to change the width and sometimes textures if the ceilings don’t maintain the same height through the entire house. Keeping variations in sizes of the moldings will help to maintain the correct proportion with the scale of a specific room.


Hope that you’ve got ideas about what types of crown moldings to use in your home. You don’t need to worry no matter what type of interiors you are stuck with. If you can choose the right design and width, the moldings will complement any kind of looks and settings.