Getting to Know Doe Deere

Lime Crime Cosmetics owes its existence to Doe Deere. But who is Doe Deere? Deere is an American entrepreneur who has had an interesting life. Doe Deere is of Russian descent having spent some considerable part of her life in Kremlin. While still a child, her parents immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City. She has different ideas about cosmetics from how people view them. While the products are seen by many people as a way of hiding imperfections, Doe Deere sees cosmetics as a way of showing people what you stand for. In short, she sees it in two dimensions. As a way of self-expression and as a form of freedom.


Also, unlike the popular belief that beauty is what looks best, Doe Deere has the belief that beauty is what feels right at a given time. All these ideas contributed to Doe Deere to establish the firm in the year 2008. However, she insists that her products are cruelty-free products that are also colorful and magical. While many people wonder why she chose the term Lime Crime, Deere says that Lime is her favorite color. On the other hand, Crime resulted from her desire to create nail polishes and lipsticks that were very colorful and bright to the extent of being considered illegal. Doe Deere is not a selfish woman, and she believes that other women can also succeed in life. This is the reason why she speaks on various platforms supporting women such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Doe Deere is very active on social media particularly Instagram where she advises her followers about what they should do to succeed in life.


Being the chief executive officer of Lime Crime means that she is very busy on a daily basis. It’s her responsibility to see that everything is running smoothly. However, she is focused on social media advertising and marketing. She has never had a boring day while working at Lime Crime. When not working on marketing and overseeing the departments, Doe Deere says that she is involved in looking for new ideas with her chief creative officer.


Doe Deere acknowledges that ideas are like children as they have to be nurtured. She says that she brings her ideas to life by involving her wonderful team in everything she does at her company. Deere also acknowledges that managing a team of people is a hard task that requires a lot of patience. If there is one thing that has made Deere successful is the habit of listening to her customers. She is also confident on her visions. She advises people from all walks of life to embrace whatever makes them different from the others. As for Deere, her weirdness has made her who she is today.


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