How Securus Technologies Help Officers Find Drugs

Drugs and inmates do not mix, in fact, they are a deadly combination in may cases. An inmate using heroin or crack for the first time goes from being someone a few officers can detain to a monster who a half-dozen officers have trouble getting control of and into their cell. If an inmate is high, they can turn into a raging maniac and literally put each and every one of my fellow corrections officers lives in danger.


In order to keep our prison as safe as possible, my team of officers puts a huge presence in the visitor center. We feel that if drugs, weapons, or other contraband is going to reach the inmates, this is the likely source. Not only are we doing a physical search of every person coming into this area of the prison, we run them though scanning equipment and we remind everyone that if they do pass anything to the inmates that they will be put in jail too. Even with these efforts, things somehow find a way to the inmates.


When Securus Technologies installed their inmate phone call monitoring system, we had a resource that could really impact the flow of contraband into our jail. This company has over 2,600 systems in prisons around the country, and their CEO Richard Smith, states that his entire workforce of 1,000 employees are all striving to wards the objective of making the work safe for us all.


Hours after learning the LBS software, we got hit after hit concerning inmates and drugs. Some calls revealed who was selling drugs, others where drugs were hidden in the jail. These calls were instantly followed up on and we have made a huge dent in the flow of those drugs into the jail and into the hands of the inmates.


David McDonald’s Success At OSI Group

The OSI Group, a global leader in supplying value-added protein products, is keen at giving consumers more regarding production capacity and product development. To ensure their goods are high quality, OSI Group engages manufacturer to install technology that will help them monitor production. An example is the inbuilt X-ray machine that checks for foreign materials. With the agricultural produce, the company actively monitor how plants are grown.

The global company
OSI Group is well represented globally with operations in over seventeen countries. Despite being a global firm, OSI has a local management team in each country which understands what the residents want and like. This means that products may vary from country to country. With over sixty-five facilities, OSI Group produces many co-packs brand name items and private label brand foods for its customers around the world. David McDonald OSI Group attributed their growth to the chairman Sheldon Lavin, whom he says push them to grow, become more significant and offer more to clients. Even when consumers taste and preferences change, OSI is always ready to satisfy their needs.

OSI China market
David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, says China market has the highest number of consumers because of the power of the population. The customers they supply to, the likes of McDonald’s, Papa John’s and Yum, just to name a few are also experiencing growth which means they need more goods from OSI. As demand grows, the company opens new processing and production facilities to cater for the growing demand.

About David McDonald
The president, David McDonald is quite engaged in OSI. Apart from being the president for thirty years, he is also the Project Manager of OSI Industries, the OSI Group’s US plant. Mr. McDonald is also on the board of directors of the company and Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia.

Other roles outside the firm include being an Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. and a Chairman of North American Meat Institute. David McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from the Iowa State University. Mr. McDonald is a great influence on the organization and he is always looking for partners and growth opportunities for the OSI Group.