Kim Dao Shares her Top 10 Tips to Keep Warm in the Winter

In this video beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Kim Dao, shared her to 10 tips on keeping warm in the cold winter months. These tips include staying moisturized to wearing thermal heated clothing.Learn more :


#1: Use hand warmers. This is an alternative to using gloves, as gloves may not keep the hands completely warm.


#2: Moisturize the skin. Kim Dao recommends exfoliation and using a natural body butter to keep the skin from drying out


#3: Wear thermals, Kim Dao uses the brand HeatTech.


#4: Apply baby oil before other moisturizers to retain body heat.


#5: Wear heat packs underneath clothing. Kim Dao uses one on the front and back of her body. She stated that these are powerful enough to completely keep her from getting cold.


#6: Keep the hands hydrated. Use a high quality hand cream. This is especially important for Kim Dao since she has eczema breakouts in the winter.


#7: Keep the face hydrated. Kim Doa prefers to use a vitamin C serum to nourish the facial skin and to keep it moist. It can also prevent wrinkles.


#8: Drink hot tea. The heat from the tea cup can also warm your hands.


#9: Use lip balms. The lips are prone to drying out, especially in the winter. Lip balms are long lasting and can also be used on the hands.


#10: Use heated floors. This option is only available if your home has the built-in technology.


Kim Dao is a highly successful Youtube vlogger with tons of useful tips and information to share with her viewers.Learn more :