Rising Star Sawyer Howitt

When you come across a sports talent with a lot of potential, it is important that you keep your eye on them. This way, you will be able to truly catch their rise to the top and get to watch their development. Sawyer Howitt, the project manager of Meriwhether Group, watches his son’s development with pride, because he plays as a standout member of The Racquet Club of Portland. Because he is able to make the most out of his game and is continuously improving, 2017 is the year to watch for Sawyer Howitt.

Racquetball may not be a sport that you are familiar with as much as others, but it is rising in popularity. The Portland area has a great racquetball following and base of athletes, as referenced by the fact that Sawyer Howitt has two national finalists on his team. The ability to practice with these great players each day has done nothing but make Sawyer Howitt better. This is important, because he has high aspirations in terms of where he wants to take his game. He has shown well for himself while climbing through the ranks of the Oregon high school racquetball scene. Some of his best matches were against highly ranked upper classmen.

Going into the 2017, it is clear that Sawyer Howitt is on a mission and will be a player to watch with the Racquetball Club and throughout the various high school matches that he takes part in. Keep following his progress, because Sawyer Howitt is on the rise.

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