Kim Dao Shares her Top 10 Tips to Keep Warm in the Winter

In this video beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Kim Dao, shared her to 10 tips on keeping warm in the cold winter months. These tips include staying moisturized to wearing thermal heated clothing.Learn more :


#1: Use hand warmers. This is an alternative to using gloves, as gloves may not keep the hands completely warm.


#2: Moisturize the skin. Kim Dao recommends exfoliation and using a natural body butter to keep the skin from drying out


#3: Wear thermals, Kim Dao uses the brand HeatTech.


#4: Apply baby oil before other moisturizers to retain body heat.


#5: Wear heat packs underneath clothing. Kim Dao uses one on the front and back of her body. She stated that these are powerful enough to completely keep her from getting cold.


#6: Keep the hands hydrated. Use a high quality hand cream. This is especially important for Kim Dao since she has eczema breakouts in the winter.


#7: Keep the face hydrated. Kim Doa prefers to use a vitamin C serum to nourish the facial skin and to keep it moist. It can also prevent wrinkles.


#8: Drink hot tea. The heat from the tea cup can also warm your hands.


#9: Use lip balms. The lips are prone to drying out, especially in the winter. Lip balms are long lasting and can also be used on the hands.


#10: Use heated floors. This option is only available if your home has the built-in technology.


Kim Dao is a highly successful Youtube vlogger with tons of useful tips and information to share with her viewers.Learn more :



Rising Star Sawyer Howitt

When you come across a sports talent with a lot of potential, it is important that you keep your eye on them. This way, you will be able to truly catch their rise to the top and get to watch their development. Sawyer Howitt, the project manager of Meriwhether Group, watches his son’s development with pride, because he plays as a standout member of The Racquet Club of Portland. Because he is able to make the most out of his game and is continuously improving, 2017 is the year to watch for Sawyer Howitt.

Racquetball may not be a sport that you are familiar with as much as others, but it is rising in popularity. The Portland area has a great racquetball following and base of athletes, as referenced by the fact that Sawyer Howitt has two national finalists on his team. The ability to practice with these great players each day has done nothing but make Sawyer Howitt better. This is important, because he has high aspirations in terms of where he wants to take his game. He has shown well for himself while climbing through the ranks of the Oregon high school racquetball scene. Some of his best matches were against highly ranked upper classmen.

Going into the 2017, it is clear that Sawyer Howitt is on a mission and will be a player to watch with the Racquetball Club and throughout the various high school matches that he takes part in. Keep following his progress, because Sawyer Howitt is on the rise.



When You Spell Tammy Mazzocco You Spell Success

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate professional who specializes in residential properties in Central Ohio. Starting in her early days as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm and continuing in that part of the business for several years, she switched to sales in 1999.

She joined with friend and mentor, Judy Gang with the Judy Gang Team of RE/MAX and has had no regrets since. Tammy works out of Pickerington, Ohio, and the four surrounding counties. Her passion is to help families discover their dream home which can be a life-changing experience for them.

Tammy works hard at her profession, arriving early at the office to sort through the paperwork and get to the phones to set appointments to show houses. Tammy gets roughly 80 percent of her business from current customers and referrals, and she also likes the leads that come from organizations like Zillow and The people who put their names into these websites are interested in having a realtor show them houses.

Tammy Mazzocco says that many realtors simply spend too little time with their prospective customers. People are generally at a disadvantage when they are buying a new house. They are mostly out of sorts geographically and financially, and they must be led along the path until they regain their confidence. This can be especially challenging if children are involved.

Tammy goes on to say that when you as the realtor spend three to four days with a family out looking at homes, you and the family get to know one another in an incredible way, and once you have spent that time, there is no one else in the world that the family will do business with when it comes to buying a home.

Tammy is very respectful when it comes to spending the necessary time and working with people’s investment. That makes a big difference in how people react when buying houses. More details can be found on Yelp.

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Mike Baur’s Successful Transition From Banking To Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur began his career in the banking industry by working as a wealth manager at UBS Wealth Management since 2000 after his college graduation. Additionally, he worked in Sallfort Private Bank and Clariden Leu. In 2008, Mike began gaining an interest in entrepreneurship and resolved to quit his job. He started Bainso in Pfäffikon, Switzerland to help start up businesses expand their network and find investment capitalists. With a background in finance, Mike structured efficient trade and marketing solutions that helped his clients stay ahead of the curve in their niche by putting out disruptive products and services.


In January of 2015, Mike started Swiss Startup Factory and headquartered its office in Zurich. The firm offers 3-months long accelerator programs that help launch new businesses into their field successfully. Mike provides the clients with mentorship, office space, networking platforms, accounting services, human staffing and payroll solutions. After the completion of the first accelerator program, Mike provides additional services to ensure that the client has a firm grip on the essentials needed to succeed in the business. Mike started Founder Stories as part of Swiss Startup Factory to feature regular interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs who share their journey’s lessons and motivational tips. In his interview with Founder Stories, Mike reveals that creating a unique business idea is the foundation for success. He explains that it is easier to acquire capital by impressing investors with new products that are not in the mainstream market.


Mike considers Swiss Startup an incubator company since it specializes in helping firms copy successful prototypes, accelerate their business and eventually design a unique business strategy. Mike revealed that the enterprise’s investors and partners have a strong dedication to see the customers succeed. They have no political affiliation and invested a substantial amount of their resources towards the venture. Baur stated that Swiss Startup helps the Switzerland entrepreneurs take their ideas from the ground and maintain them as long term revenue generating endeavors. Mike believes that Switzerland people are excellent in creation but need support to execute the innovations. According to him, it is possible to instill useful skills in business people, but it’s hard to inspire creation. This year’s first accelerator program began in January and featured three to five teams. After the completion of the program, the teams submitted their portfolios to Worldwebforum Coolest Startup to gain opportunities for expanding their business to a bigger local market and an international fair.


Bruce Levenson And The University Of Maryland Team Up For A Better Tomorrow

In 2010, the University of Maryland implemented a groundbreaking philanthropy program. According to Forbes Magazine, it all started when Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and his wife Karen approached the university with plans for an initiative that would introduce undergraduates to volunteering and nonprofit organizations. Bruce Levenson funded the projects with an initial donation of $75 million, and the state of Maryland added another $20 million to the total.

The Do Good Project, as it later became known, has two core objectives. The first is to ensure that all graduates of the University of Maryland are informed and motivated to give back to their community. The second objective is to train future nonprofit leaders, and to give them the skills they need to compete against private sector competition.

In an exclusive interview with Benzinga, Bruce Levenson said “Over the years, we found that there were these amazing organizations headed up by extraordinary people that often fell short because these people lacked, frankly, some of the business skills that you need to be successful.”

The program began with a very popular Philanthropy 101 course that gave students $10,000 to support a cause of their choosing. Seven years later, the University launched philanthropy major, the first of its kind in America.

The Do Good Project is already making the world a better place. Evan Lutz, a graduate of the University of Maryland and Do Good Project alumni, founded a company called Hungry Harvest. The business helps feed families in need and was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, where a $100,000 deal was made with investor Robert Herjavec.

It’s no surprise that Bruce Levenson chose the University of Maryland to launch the charity initiative. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He began his career in journalism at the Washington Star, and co-founded the United Communications Group in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1977. He and his wife are involved in several charity organizations across the globe.