Twenty Three Layers Is Your Next Event Planner

Twenty Three Layers is a New York design and full-service event planning company that will make your next event the hit of the season. You will be overjoyed at the stylish and innovative approach that Twenty Three Layers will give to your occasion. Twenty Three Layers is one of the premier event planners in NYC.


Twenty Three Layers has a most special relationship with some of the world’s best establishments and vendors who the most sought after. Your event will be unforgettable with most elegant and latest trends offered in the food, entertainment, and decor. Twenty Three Layers will give you a one-of-a-kind gala, wedding, corporate event, celebration and charitable function, one which guest will remember and talk about years after.


Twenty Three Layers will handle as little or as much as the client wishes, and that is why they are so much in demand as an event is planned with the clients’ needs and wants at heart. Everything from the selection of venue, catering, entertainment, floral design, lighting, branding, photography, fabrication, production, styling, production, workshops, and custom printing are provided.


Each area is a major function itself and is led and staffed by experts in each field. Nothing is left to chance and is planned to the hilt so that the results will be frankly stupendous. Every exquisite detail is a surprise and guests will be pleasantly astonished and amazed at the beauty and detail of the presentation in each and every category.


An event of any kind will never be boring when Twenty Three Layers is commissioned to handle the affair. There will be nothing left to chance or the imagination when the details are left to the best in the business.


Founder of Twenty Three Layers, Jessica Boskoff has that eye for detail and a flair for creating the reality of her brain’s conceptual process. Jessica truly “goes for it” with the events that she puts together for the largest and most sophisticated people and companies in the world. Her unforgettable experiences for top brands and private clients have been ranked as the best there is.


Clients have included Soho House, Jaguar, Spotify, Prudential, Peter Lik, Teads, Minted, AMP, IAS, Microsoft, Mparicle, Rare Bar & Grill, David Lynch Foundation BBN, ZICO, and others. Twenty Three Layers is one of the epic event planning companies in NYC.

The Ideas Of Samuel Strauch On Business

Samuel Strauch is highly educated. He has studied in New York and earned a degree from the Harvard University.

He started his career in banking, but eventually, he joined the family business of real estate in Florida. He started his own company in 2002. This company, Metrik Real Estate, is doing well as it continues to grow even today.

Samuel Strauch came to Miami and was impressed by what he saw there. The place was turning into a huge metropolis by the sea. He was impressed to see the way this vacation city was being transformed. This was when he realized what he had to do. He knew that this was the perfect opportunity for him to start his business as he could easily get international clients as well as investors together.

Samuel Strauch considers business differently. He considers it to be fun as he can come across a number of interesting people and can make relationships which can last a lifetime. He likes meeting new people as this gives him the opportunity to get new ideas. He comes across new properties, and he gets new business opportunities.

He is always open to new ideas. This is his idea of being creative. He likes to analyze each and every idea that comes to him. Samuel Strauch likes to test the viability of each idea. In case he feels that the idea has potential, he decides to put all resources behind it in order to achieve it and make it a reality. For Samuel Strauch, implementation is the key. Even the best idea is useless unless it is acted upon and made a reality.

Samuel Strauch believes in the power of meditation. He feels that everyone should make it a part of their life in order to do better in their personal and professional life.



Wen For All

Wen is an all in one cleansing conditioner created by Chaz Dean, in his sink by trial and error, when he was only a stylist. This luxurious 5 in 1 cleanser will replace your entire wash regiment with one simple step. This includes shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and even the leave in conditioner.

These as seen on tv product will also work on all hair types giving you bounce and body without the harsh chemicals that strip the hair some of the shampoos have. The uniqueness of Wen comes from not only it’s ingredients that separate it from other shampoos but also the history of how it was made.

According to Wen, it can can make your hair stronger in three different ways, starting with its no lather component. With its natural ingredients, botanicals, and herbs, Wen nourishes; leaving the hair healthy and shiny. Wen doesn’t compromise the health of the hair, making it healthy and beautiful. The lather free cleanser allows you to wash without striping your hair of its natural oils. This cleanser will also boost manageability of your hair. Results are not typical but may transform your hair.

The “all in one, one for all” Wen Hair, makes it truly unique. We all have different hair, and what works for one doesn’t always work for others; but Wen’s cleanser is for both men and women with all hair types. According to some reviewers on the Wen site, customers have seen great results that can be seen in their before and after photos. You can learn even more about Wen, hair care and all their products they have to offer at