Kate Hudson Forms Great Bond with Customers Through Fabletics

Kate Hudson has great plans for Fabletics because more than 100 stores are opening within the next five years. This is a definite sign that she is trying to make this the business that stays around even as she gets older. She is moving away from the entertainment business and acting and focusing more attention on this clothing brand.


That is a wise decision for Kate Hudson if she is planning to compete against someone like Jeff Bezos with Amazon. Jeff has been in the business much longer, and he knows exactly what it is like to start a business from the ground up. He started Amazon books only, and this has amassed into a multi-billion-dollar company that continues to lure new customers with new technology. Books and technology is not the only thing that Amazon is selling though. This is a company that also sells workout clothing for women. It should be no surprise because Amazon sells a little bit of everything.


This is where Amazon and Fabletics are in totally different world. Amazon sales everything under the sun while Fabletics is a company that is totally dedicated to workout gear for women. This may be the thing that helps a company like Fabletics get loyal customers. People may find it is difficult to take an ecommerce site like Amazon seriously when it comes to work out clothing. They may feel that they are simply getting an inferior product because Amazon doesn’t specialize in the clothing industry. Fabletics, however, is a clothing line that is has the benefit of the celebrity. The star power factor is something that Amazon doesn’t have. In fact, it is much more likely for women connect with Fabletics because she is modeling the clothes. Hudson is in great shape, and she serves as motivation to a lot of women that are trying to get in good shape.


What Kate Hudson has managed to do is personalize her brand by connecting directly with the audiences. She has become a force that maintains a presence in the front line instead of hiding in the background of Fabletics. This makes all the difference in the world. There are so many companies that are losing people because there is no official spokesperson for the brand. Fabletics has Kate Hudson in place even though there are other co-founders connected to the clothing company. What Kate Hudson brings about is the familiarity that women want to see when they are trying to make working out a routine. For many women Kate Hudson serves as a motivation to all that want to get in great shape.


Amazon has the lead on the clothing market, but the Fabletics brand is coming on strong because this company has been able to grow substantially in a short amount of time. People that did not know anything about this company years ago are finding this to be their main site for workout gear. This says a lot in a business that only caters to women.