Dr. Scott Rocklage: The Ph.D. Managing Partner

Scott Rocklage is the current CEO of 5 AM Ventures. He acquired this position in 2004. As the CEO, he has managed to introduce visionary leadership for 5 AM Ventures. Under his visionary leadership, the company has been in an excellent position to accomplish various goals and objectives. 5 AM Company has gained stability which stands to be one of the most critical goals for multiple companies.


What was so special about Scott Rocklage in comparison with his co-executive in the company?

Scott Rocklage has been in the healthcare industry for more than three decades serving as a manager in the healthcare industry. Scott has offered visionary and strategic leadership that has resulted to the confirmation of the three United States New Drug applications. He played a tremendous role in getting the approval for Teslascan, Omniscan as well as Cubicin.


Before he became the co-manager of the 5 AM Ventures Company, Scott Rocklage used to serve as the Chairman as well as the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also used to be the President and the CEO of Nycomed Salutar. In addition to these ranks, Scoff also held some positions at Catalytica and Salutar as well. During his career, Scott Rocklage used to work as the Board Chairman of another company known as Relypsa and Novira. At these positions, Scott Rocklage has been able to provide quality leadership as well as expertise. In conjunction with being the managing partner of the 5 AM Ventures Company, Dr. Scott Rocklage is the Current Board chairman of Cidara, Kinestral, and Rennovia.


He is also serving in another company known as Epirus where he is currently serving on Board. Before working in this company, Rocklage worked as the Semprus executive chairman, Ilypsa, and Milkana. Before his healthcare profession, Scott attained a bachelor’s degree award in Chemistry. He attained his undergraduate degree at the California University which is based in Berkeley. After his undergraduate, he pursued a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He pursued his Ph.D. at MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was during this time that he operated research in the Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory. Richard was the Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015.


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Whitney Wolfe, Home Delivering Soul Mates

Getting a soul mate can be a daunting task, especially if you are specific about the qualities you need. However, this no longer need to be the case, thanks to Whitney Wolfe; the founder of Bumble dating app. Whitney Wolfe spent her early life in Salt Lake City in Utah, where her mother was a housewife to her property development father. She studied to become an international development student from Southern Methodist University. At 19, she was already selling bamboo bags. They became a sensation such that celebrities were pictured in them.

Whitney Wolfe recognized the challenge that women were experiencing on dating sites. She thought of the brilliant idea of an app where the woman would initiate the conversation. This led to the creation of Bumble. This dating app has become a sensation that has attracted more than 20 million users in just nine months.

The development of the app must be regarded as testimony of believing in love. To demonstrate her belief, she got married at a destination wedding in September, 05, 2017. She could not have chosen a better place than the much famed Amalfi Coast. The exact location was Villa Tre Ville Positano. This was a beautiful cliff side giving those in attendance a picturesque moment and background. This setting was perfect for her matching Dolce and Gabbana ensembles.

Bumble is poised to become the next big thing in dating. With a following of over 20million in less than a year, one can only watch the skies for bumble to grow. The attractive thing about bumble is the fact that women are given greater control of the dating game. In her opinion and that of lady coders working for bumble, most of the relationship problems that exist arise from the man taking charge. This is what Bumble seeks to change.

Beyond dating, Wolfe realized the need to provide a platform where people could meet incredible friends. This is when she created Bumble BFF. It is a meeting point for wing women, workout partners, partners in crime, best friends, and so on. Simply put, this is a place to find a friend or partner without necessarily focusing on relationships.

Whitney Wolfe appears to be the real relationship builder after advancing her portfolio to include Bumble Bizz. This is a platform for people to make professional connections. It is a place for partnerships and mentoring among business persons. We are yet to see what Whitney will develop next after unveiling the new offices in Austin that are designed with women in mind.


Inmates Services and Products-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an organization with our Head Offices based in Dallas, Texas. We consider our company among the pioneers of agencies which have been delivering services as well as products to the correctional facilities and other security bodies. Securus Technologies was established in 1986, and since our inception, we have been enjoying a tremendous expansion as well as growth. We have other operational offices among them Atlanta Georgia, Allen, Texas, as well as Carrolton, Texas. At Securus Technology we believe in connecting people and technology, and we are an equal opportunity employer organization. We have hired about 1000 people, and we are serving over 3450 correctional facilities and 1200000 inmates across Northern America.

According to a statement by our Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith; Securus have been developing new services and products each week to deliver the best services to our clients. With our reliable services and products, we have also been receiving some letters and emails from our happy customers. Below are a few samples of the messages and emails w have been receiving.

  • One of our satisfied clients said our LBS service is reasoned enough for them to rely on our services and products entirely.
  • Our telephone services have been helping the prisons and other correctional institutions to monitor calls that will give them clues on the use and the sale of drugs in their facilities.
  • Another thrilled client thanked us for our services which assisted them to carry out an investigation that ended with the arrest of one of their staff who was involved in the sale of counterfeit products.
  • Listening to a telephone conversation between an inmate and their siblings, our customer was happy that they got information to use as evidence in court.

Securus Technologies is a leader in the offering public and civil, criminal technology solution for monitoring, investigations, as well as corrections. We are take pride in connecting family, friends and their loved ones in the correctional facilities through our services and products as we promote safety in the world.


Recycling at Orange Coast College

The planet won a victory recently when orange coast college launched its new recycling facility. The new facility is a huge upgrade from its previous form which was only one acre; compared to the new facility’s five acres. Acreage is not the only way the plant has been upgraded. The new build boast classrooms and offices along with showers and 45 parking spaces. The reinvestment into the recycling facility comes at the encouragement of the local community, which gets great use out of it. Approximately $7.5 million was put into the reconstruction. This hefty price tag was funded by many sources, some of which were a voter-approved coast community college district bond, and CR&R environmental services. The support of this facility is justified by the economic benefits it adds to the area and the widespread utility residence from people in the region. The facility accepts traditional recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, and scrap metal. They also accept more difficult to dispose of recyclables such as electronic waste, in the form of TVs and computers. This program helps keep ecologically devastating things such as fluorescent light tubes and household batteries out of landfills. The facility is not, however, capable of accepting things such as furniture, car batteries, oil, or toxic waste. Not only is the facility a major protector of the environment it also provides jobs to many college students. The program responsible for the new facility has been going for more than 45 years, and with the social and economic value it provides to the community, it will likely be around for a long time; growing into its new state of the art facility.

Learn more: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/campusRatings.jsp?sid=2623

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur; Lessons From Doe Deere

Do you want to start a business? Have you considered joining the entrepreneurship bandwagon? Well, this article will surely give you an insight on what you need to do to become a successful businessperson.


Know Your Passion

Maybe you have that overwhelming urge to attain your goals regardless of what they are? Perhaps you are excited about some concepts that you cannot hide the joy when speaking about them. Well, it is high time you realized what it is that you enjoy. Then turn your passion into a career, and work will just become play. With this, you will derive so much joy when working on your interests.



Use and Expand Your Skills

Every person has a set of competencies that are intrinsic and inborn. Some of these skills have been acquired over some years. Start by exploiting these skills before learning new skills. You will, therefore, be able to absorb a new skill with ease as you already have a foundation. According to the expert, Doe Deere, whatever activity and expertise you will engage in will require growth; you must, therefore, be prepared to brace and accept change. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25362-how-controversial-doe-deere-became-successful-entrepreneur



Face Problems Head On

There will always be challenges on your way irrespective of the career that you choose. It is particularly the case during the initials stages, where you make numerous mistakes and with no known possible solution. Most people give up at this juncture, do not be one of them. Doe Deere advice young entrepreneurs to solve different challenges as they arise. Carefully analyze the problem at hand, note down the pros and cons as well as the possible cause of action. By doing so, you will be able to evaluate the different solutions and pick the best.



Be Open to Learn

There are various successful businessmen and women before you. Probably they have faced the same challenges as you; chances are they were able to maneuver and emerge victoriously. Their advice will, therefore, be genuine and practical. You can also learn so much from your employees and your clients. Develop a habit of listening to every concern and suggestions that your workers make; it will raise their morale and increase your profitability. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere



Doe Deere is the owner and CEO of the Lime Crime organization. The mission of this business is to bring change in the world and market of various makeups. Currently, Life Crime products have become the most favorite products in both the digital and social media space. The products have set the trend and a record that has taken the marketing industry by storm. The design of these products is to conceal the various imperfections as well as a form of self-expression and freedom to the client.



As a person who started from a small level and achieved so much success, Doe Deere is a source of motivation to the various women and youth out there. In her public lecture’s Doe calls for the need to find your inner voice and then follow your ambitions. As an entrepreneur, she loves and enjoys bringing other people into the art.



Is Crown Molding the Right Choice for Your Home?

We all know that crown moldings add value to a place and create a visual presence to uplift the appearance. Your home will suddenly look all elegant and upscale if you can use this architectural feature the right way.  


Have you been thinking of giving the moldings a shot? Well, if you are not sure whether you will find the right trim or the ceiling has the right height for the installation, follow this guide. It will give you an insight into whether the moldings will be the right choice for you home and how to make them work out in a particular setting.


Cut the width if the ceiling is lower.


Moldings with a sleek and simple profile are the right choice for a room that is either smaller in scale or has a low ceiling. After all, it’s common sense that a 6-inch wide molding will look cluttery in a place with an 8-foot tall ceiling. So, use slim panels for such places and keep the furnishings streamlined with straight lines and little detailing. Such a minimal decoration will yield two-fold rewards – allowing the architecture to stand out and giving the place a peaceful feeling.


Consider the ceiling height.


If you love ornamental crown moldings, check the height of the ceiling and the size of the room before spending money on the purchase. The large scale of a place combined with a high roof is the best for wider trims. Besides, a gorgeous fixture may overwhelm the atmosphere if there are more molded fixtures such as baseboards or chair rails. However, if you live in a traditional style home and don’t mind a bit of extravaganza, wide trims will definitely work in that setting.


Make your contemporary home smile.


If you can sacrifice the extravaganza a bit, you can still make the crown moldings relevant to the mood of a modern setting. Choose furniture pieces with clean lines and no curves and paint the entire room with a soft or neutral color palette to create a sense of serenity. Then, install molding panels that have a plain profile with no decoration or pattern. Although you can create interest by combining various hues and textures. For example, the fusion of lovely crisp white crown moldings with dark, rich wooden floor will make a place appealing as well as relaxing.


Don’t mix a classic style with a minimal setting.


If you have a house with an interior featuring an ultra-modern, mid-century modern, or California ranch style, crown molding of any kind, except for the ones customized with a minimal design, may look completely out of place. So, if the trims are traditional, keep the furnishings and other accessories adopt the approach.


You can combine the classic moldings with decorative wall panels followed by a crystal chandelier, ceiling medallion, ornate mirror frames, and more. Anything smaller or sleek would be too wimpy for such a room.


Don’t use the same moldings everywhere.



People get confused whether to install moldings of similar profile throughout the house. In fact, the answer can both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ You can keep the design same if the ceiling in all the rooms of your home has the similar height. Using the same moldings will create a smooth flow and establish a visual coherence.


On the flip side, it’s necessary to change the width and sometimes textures if the ceilings don’t maintain the same height through the entire house. Keeping variations in sizes of the moldings will help to maintain the correct proportion with the scale of a specific room.


Hope that you’ve got ideas about what types of crown moldings to use in your home. You don’t need to worry no matter what type of interiors you are stuck with. If you can choose the right design and width, the moldings will complement any kind of looks and settings.






Securus Technologies – Better Quality Products and Economical Price

Many companies are operating in the inmate communication sector, but one of the companies that stand out in the competition is Securus Technologies. It is a company that opened its gates in 1986 and ever since has become the preferred choice for the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. One of the primary reasons why Securus Technologies has grown so much in such short period is due to its commitment to provide better and more efficient services than what is already available on the market today. Securus Technologies has invested a lot in the research and development sector to develop new products that could be useful for the law enforcement agencies as well as inmates.


One of the latest products it developed for the inmates is the video visitation service. It would allow the inmates to talk as well as virtually see their relatives and friends through a video chat interface. Such video calls can be made by the prisoners through their phones via the mobile application of Securus Technologies. The company has a Technology Center situated in Dallas, Texas, where the company focuses its energy to develop new products and services. It is one of the most advanced facilities of such kind in the correctional industry. Securus Technologies does not only focus on providing products and services but also ensures that the customers enjoy excellent customer service. The company has set up an in-house customer service department that caters to the queries and grievances of the customers quickly.


Securus Technologies has even won the award for its customer service known as the Gold Stevie Award. Securus Technologies believes that to stay ahead in this highly competitive industry, it is essential to have long-term plans, and the company is sticking to its plan of innovating new products while finding means to make its services economical for the end users.

Give The Woman Some Power,’ Says Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe says that when a man feels rejected he retaliates with aggression. Consequently, the above causes more abusive relationships. To reduce the aggression in relationships, Bumble App, which was founded by Whitney Wolfe gives the women power over men as they make the first move.

Other than that, Whitney says that whenever the woman makes the first move, the man knows that the power is not in his hands but in the woman’s; consequently, he behaves more carefully and avoids any chances of harming her.

What Prompted The Formation Of Bumble?
Whitney was a co-founder in Tinder alongside her ex-boyfriend Justine Mateen and the other male co-founders. However, her relationship with Justin went sour; he became abusive to her calling her a whore in public and humiliating her badly. Moreover, Justin and the other partners asked Whitney out of Tinder, saying that her presence as a woman made the organization look like a joke. To make it worse, the partners paid her no compensation for her contribution to the company. Whitney Wolfe, who was deeply hurt by the betrayal, decided to seek justice in court. She was awarded a ransom in damages and that was when she decided to fight for women. She decided to start an App that would help women be the givers and not the takers.

Bumble BFF
Bumble BFF, unlike Bumble, is exclusively for women. Whitney realized that the modern day woman takes a relatively long time before settling in marriage. During this period of waiting, the woman undergoes so many nasty experiences, which would be made easier if she had close and trusted friends to her expenses with. Consequently, Bumble BFF allows a woman to specify the kind of friends she desires to have and she chooses from the portfolio provided to her. Moreover, the app helps women who move into new locations as they use the app to make new friends.

Bumble App Values
Honesty, respect, kindness, and no nudity are the core values that are employed at Bumble. One is expected to be kind to their partners and to be honest in all their dealings. Rudeness and nudity are also prohibited and one is barred from the site on failing to adhere.

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Getting to Know Doe Deere

Lime Crime Cosmetics owes its existence to Doe Deere. But who is Doe Deere? Deere is an American entrepreneur who has had an interesting life. Doe Deere is of Russian descent having spent some considerable part of her life in Kremlin. While still a child, her parents immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City. She has different ideas about cosmetics from how people view them. While the products are seen by many people as a way of hiding imperfections, Doe Deere sees cosmetics as a way of showing people what you stand for. In short, she sees it in two dimensions. As a way of self-expression and as a form of freedom.


Also, unlike the popular belief that beauty is what looks best, Doe Deere has the belief that beauty is what feels right at a given time. All these ideas contributed to Doe Deere to establish the firm in the year 2008. However, she insists that her products are cruelty-free products that are also colorful and magical. While many people wonder why she chose the term Lime Crime, Deere says that Lime is her favorite color. On the other hand, Crime resulted from her desire to create nail polishes and lipsticks that were very colorful and bright to the extent of being considered illegal. Doe Deere is not a selfish woman, and she believes that other women can also succeed in life. This is the reason why she speaks on various platforms supporting women such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Doe Deere is very active on social media particularly Instagram where she advises her followers about what they should do to succeed in life.


Being the chief executive officer of Lime Crime means that she is very busy on a daily basis. It’s her responsibility to see that everything is running smoothly. However, she is focused on social media advertising and marketing. She has never had a boring day while working at Lime Crime. When not working on marketing and overseeing the departments, Doe Deere says that she is involved in looking for new ideas with her chief creative officer.


Doe Deere acknowledges that ideas are like children as they have to be nurtured. She says that she brings her ideas to life by involving her wonderful team in everything she does at her company. Deere also acknowledges that managing a team of people is a hard task that requires a lot of patience. If there is one thing that has made Deere successful is the habit of listening to her customers. She is also confident on her visions. She advises people from all walks of life to embrace whatever makes them different from the others. As for Deere, her weirdness has made her who she is today.


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Aloha Construction: Why Your Roofing and Siding Needs Should Be Done

The achievements of Aloha construction

With the rise of various remodeling needs for most victims of home wreckage in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, the addition of another branch of Aloha Construction has just proved viable. According to company’s CEO, Mr. David Farbaky, homeowners have always required faster services that revolve around interior restoration due to the effects of storms and hailstones. The added branch will, therefore, ease congestion at Aloha Construction offices since a website that will require one to order for any roofing works will just be a ‘click’ away. The provision has enabled an order for interior restoration to be efficient as the aftermath of the high winds and big hailstones have destroyed many structures. But in events developing this move, there is a show that Aloha Construction was faced increased workloads which are a testament to their better services hence their large clientele base. For instance, the year 2013 saw them complete 7,000 projects and the number just short by the end of 2014, to 20,000 projects. Concerning these figures, the CEO confirmed that it is the challenge yet it comes with a lot of incentives in the long run.

The operation principles of Aloha

Firstly, Aloha Construction operates as a business corporation with allegiance to its family ownership. It, therefore, functions as a general construction company and above licensed to offer primary services such as roofing and siding works. In more specific terms, it is its proficiency in backsplash installation and basement remodeling that have brought immense reputation to the company. It is also worth noting that Aloha Construction has done over 18,000 successful projects hence explaining their vast experience in roofing works.

Also, Aloha Construction is one general construction company that has digitized its operation. It just means that for its clients, or rather the homeowners, they can make orders for their remodeling requirements online without going to the company’s offices. Such providence has come courtesy of the newly refurbished user-friendly and covers a lot of information about the firm.